VOTE YES on Q#1 - Nov. 6th 


for the Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment

Investing in Transportation = Investing in CT’s Future


The Connecticut Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment will prohibit lawmakers from using the special transportation fund (STF) for anything other than transportation purposes.

It is funded by:

  • the motor fuels tax
  • motor carrier road tax
  • petroleum products gross earnings tax
  • certain motor vehicle receipts and fees
  • motor vehicle-related fines
  • a portion of the state sales tax.

Starting in 2005, over $250 million has been transferred out of the Special Transportation Fund back to the General Fund including raids during the budget crunches of the Great Recession.

A constitutional lockbox is a necessary step toward requiring elected officials to think long-term and restore needed investments for transportation in Connecticut.

Every dollar invested in transportation infrastructure returns $3.54 in economic impact














More than 300 bridges have been graded structurally deficient.

Car and truck exhaust contributes to high rates of asthma in CT’s cities, and transportation is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector of CT’s economy.

Since 2005, CT’s legislators have diverted more than $250 million away from the Special Transportation Fund to balance the state’s budget, including $50 million in 2016 alone.


Repairing our roads & bridges and expanding our bus & rail service will:

Create good jobs for thriving local economies

Reduce traffic congestion and air pollution for healthier communities

Lower greenhouse gas emissions for a healthier climate

Build a modern transportation system to attract and retain businesses.


Tax dollars raised for transportation

must be spent on transportation!


In 2017, Connecticut lawmakers approved a constitutional amendment by large majorities in both the House (101-50) and Senate (29-7)

Now it’s up to the voters to decide.


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