About the Roundtable

The CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs began as a small ad hoc steering committee formed in June 2012, following an afternoon gathering of about 40 labor, religious and environmental leaders, who decided they wanted to continue the dialogue.  Since that time, we have organized a statewide gathering every 4 to 6 months and engaged in a variety of successful public events and policy advocacy.

The notes from the first steering committee conference call (8/17/12) identify three “Overall Objectives” that have guided the work of the Roundtable’s leadership:

  1.  Educate each constituency about the needs/concerns of the others in the context of climate change and economic transformation/jobs;
  2. Seek opportunities for cooperation in moving toward a green jobs economy; and
  3. Seek ways to defuse/mitigate potential tensions and conflicts that will undoubtedly arise.

By providing opportunities for constituencies that have often disagreed on environmental issues to engage in dialogue, identify areas of common ground and embrace their diversity as a source of power, the Roundtable has played a constructive role in helping to shape the state’s energy policy and in reinvigorating the state's climate change planning.

In January 2018, our steering committee formally initiated the process of becoming an independent nonprofit organization by adopting Articles of Incorporation, appointing a Board of Directors and adopting bylaws.

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